ADAC is Established (and Headquartered) in Michigan,

and would welcome the opportunity to partner with your Association!

Association Dues Assurance Corporation is headquartered in Michigan and is the clear choice in asset recovery for Community Associations. We have a highly qualified staff of attorneys, CPAs, and negotiators, licensed as required in 24 states. We have specialized in collecting assessments for Associations since 2006, and have been recovering delinquencies in Michigan from the beginning.

        ADAC continues to develop our statutory foreclosure process and is unsurpassed in customer service and delinquent negotiations. Our proprietary, cloud-based Case Management System "ONYX" gives our Association clients 24/7 access to everything ADAC does and tracks the process timeline to avoid derailing until the "Current Owner is Paying Currently"!

Collection services at THE LOWEST COST to the association!

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The Michigan Collection Process:

The following is intended for informational purposes ONLY. ADAC tries to keep the process describe here up to date with the current statutes and requirements, but does not guarantee its accuracy. For an up-to-date foreclosure process, please consult state foreclosure websites or an attorney. The steps and actions ADAC would take on any specific foreclosure will depend on the unique circumstances of the association and possible changes in state statutes.

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First 4 Steps the Same for All Cases

Step 1: Account Validation

Step 2: Initial Letter (+FDCPA)

Step 3: Lien


Step 4: Intent to Foreclose

Foreclosure Process Specific Steps

Step 5: Pre-Foreclosure

Step 6: Foreclosure Notice


Step 5: Foreclosure Lawsuit

Step 6: Judgement

Step 7: Foreclosure Notice

Step F1: Foreclosure Sale Held

Step F2: Redemption


Step F3: Eviction & Possession

Step F4: Case Closed

Requirements for ADAC to begin working with new Association(s):

  • Association Governing Documents Review

    Before ADAC can begin work for a new Associaiton, ADAC will need to obtain copies of the Association(s) By-Laws and Master Deed (Declaration of Covanents) to verify that the Association has the Power of Sale necessary to pursue the foreclosure process that ADAC uses (or the right to pursue collections of unpaid assessments in a method that ADAC is able to operate under).

  • Contract / Limited Power of Attorney signing and one or more cases to turn over to ADAC

    ADAC needs a limited Power of Attorney signed and notarized by the Association in order to file liens and foreclose on behalf of the Association. After the contract and Power of Attorney are signed and returned to ADAC, the association may send one or more case for ADAC to begin collections on.

The next step toward a Delinquency Free Association is to

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