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ADAC is employee owned and operated, working as a 'next desk over' team along side every Association Board of Directors, Management Company, and Association Attorney. The Onyx proprietary case management system is powerful and available 24/7 anywhere you have access to the internet.

The team that makes ADAC the best in its field of collecting delinquent association assessments nationwide includes attorneys, accountants, software developers and skilled operations staff. Our experienced operations department will expertly navigate bank foreclosures, tax foreclosures and bankruptcies (that could otherwise derail the collection process) while negotiating and administering payoffs, settlements, and payment plans.

If negotiations fail, the ADAC team confidently uses foreclosure of the association lien (where permitted) to secure payment from the current owner, a new owner, or through rental of the unit. If the association does not wish to foreclose (which is the strongest collection option for an non-paying owner), ADAC operations will work with a partner law firm to pursue collections by other legal means while keeping the cost to the association low and maintaining ONYX access continuity.

ADAC works through friendly negotiations and Foreclosure by Publication (where permitted) or by assisting partner attorneys in obtaining judgments, pursuing Judicial Lawsuit Foreclosure or wage garnishments (where cost effective). ADAC provides all of the paperwork support / paperwork "push" for attorneys in the States / Jurisdictions which require solely Judicial Foreclosure (click on " Attorney Assistance / Attorney Support " for detail information about ONYX attorney assistance and attorney support).

To our current clients and friends, Property Managers and Community Association Officers, we want to say thank you for your support, and your helping ADAC to schedule meeting your Association Board, to present ADAC Association Delinquent Assessment Collection services.

COLLECTION OF DELINQUENT COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION DUES, by America's Best, and only licensed, bonded Nation-Wide Collection Company solely collecting Community Association Dues - Association Dues Assurance Corporation ["ADAC"].

About our founder and CEO John Rickel

John M. Rickel - Chief Executive Officer,
United States General Counsel

John M. Rickel is a Hawaii, Michigan, Illinois and Missouri licensed attorney, a Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.  Mr. Rickel is also the licensed Collections Manager of ADAC and a managing partner of The Rickel Law Firm, P.C. A major benefit of ADAC compared to other delinquent assessment collectors comes from Mr. Rickel's extensive legal and business background. For more information on John M. Rickel you may


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